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Buyessay.org Review

Buyessay.org Review
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An increasing number of students and scholars are choosing to have their academic papers written with the help of professionals. This is particularly so in the case of the very difficult assignments. I happen to be one of those scholars. When I was doing my dissertation, there was a lot going on at the time that finding time to concentrate on writing the paper was rather impossible. Therefore, I turned to the online for assistance. The first thing that I noticed was a large number of online academic assistance companies that were offering custom writing services. Picking one out of this was the real task. All the same, I decided to take the plunge and pick one out of the many companies.

I did a quick search online for companies offering academic writing services. Well, the results were stunning; hundreds of online writing companies, all offering the services I was looking for. Since I did not have that much time to waste, I decided to do a comparison of the top 10 websites. They all had these nice offers, though some were outrageously expensive, whereas others were too cluttered that finding information was a challenge. However, there are those that I found very user-friendly, with the important information nicely presented and easily available. One of these sites was Buyessay.org.


It was not by sheer luck that I picked Buyessay.org. It had to do with the short deadline that I had left for submission. Apparently, I had procrastinated for a whole 2 months that I had to finish the paper, but I did not. Now, I had less than 24 hours to complete. Due to the complexity of the paper, a few of the writing agencies I approached declined to take the assignment, citing deadline issues. That was up until I contacted BuyEssay.org, who were more than willing to take on the assignment. They gave me an assurance that I will have my paper ready, within the set deadline.


The Buyessay.org writing service has one of the best pricing models. This came to the fore since I was not willing to spend much money to have my dissertation done for me. Therefore, I took a keen interest in the various pricing schedule on offer from the different websites. BuyEssay has a lovely breakdown of prices, which is arranged according to the academic level and type of paper, the number of pages required, and the urgency. For example, I paid only $33 per page for my very urgent dissertation to be written.

Customer Care

Within an hour of expressing my interest in their services, a representative from Buyessay.org called me to gather details of my project. This was very nice and professional of them, since they gave me the opportunity and time to explain myself clearly. In addition, such a quick response gave me the assurance that this indeed is a serious company.

Delivery and Quality of Service

The writer who was assigned my paper was very polite and communicative. He kept updating me every few hours to ensure that he was doing the right thing. This was cool since I got the chance to request for revisions as the work was in progress. By the end of it all, it is as if I had written the paper myself. All work was delivered in time for my submission the following day.

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