Just like any other normal student, I have faced my share of academic difficulties.  Assignments and other responsibilities often accumulate like snowdrifts, weighing me down and quenching any youthful fire that may burn within my heart.  In these cold, barren periods of academia, the competition is remarkably similar to hungry wolves squabbling over scraps: seeking help from peers is not worth even considering.  This bleak vision becomes reality usually around the time finals roll around, when most instructors’ demands increase dramatically.

Despite the fatal atmosphere, I never wallow in despair.  I have a pretty decent solution. С usually takes the heavy burden off my shoulders whenever I need them to.  I’ve been to a lot of sites, and continue to use them on occasion, but the range, flexibility, and consistency of this one keeps me coming back to this one.  It’s perfect for anything from rote busy-work to chapters for my thesis.  The quality of the work is not bad either.

Website: Nothing too flashy, memorable, or attention grabbing.  Just your standard website.  I appreciate the fact that I don’t have to dig around to find what I need… everything is pretty much right where I need it to be.  Everything is pretty much standard.  Honestly, the site comes across as a little bit generic.  This might turn off more image oriented customers, I suppose… not everybody is able to make that leap from wrapping paper to content.

Service:  I’ve ordered papers from this company on several occasions, at various times of the day, night, and early morning.  Their claim to 24 / 7 service is legit.  I haven’t had many problems with the secretaries, or whatever you call the people manning the online chat ordering service.  Most often they are pleasant and helpful.  I’ve come across a few bad apples, but everyone goes sour every now and then, don’t they?  The quality of the papers themselves are generally very good, and when an edit is necessary, there has never been a problem.

Deadlines: I must say, this company is prompt to say the least.  Really, the more I think about it, this may be one of the reasons that I stick with them.  And they have a sliding pricing scale according to when you need the work done.  If you need it done quicker, you’ll need to shell out a little bit more.  On the flip side, if you plan ahead a little bit you are likely to get a good deal.  But the main thing is that they get the paper to you on time, even a little bit before, which is nice.

Pricing: Not the cheapest deal on the Internet, but then again, you wouldn’t want it to be. Prices are reasonable and fair.  As stated before, the quality of the work is usually pretty good, so there’s not much to complain about.  Also, as stated before, the price of the paper depends on when you need it done, with a premium on rush work.  The prices also depend on the degree of difficulty… naturally, more difficult work is more expensive.

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  1. Craig Price says:

    Average company I’d say. Quality, price, security, support services, formatting, editing, proofreading, everything is just average.

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