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Let’s be honest; we all need help sometimes. (I need help finding matching shoes and socks in the morning). Those final years of high school and initial years of university are stressful years when people find they need help the most. Between reading, studying, and three part-time jobs, there isn’t always time to write all those essays that professors want to assign – or the time to get your thoughts ‘just right.’

But there are many services available to help develop high school and university essays. Some will help edit essays, while others will complete them for you.

So how do you choose which service to use? Well, there are some major factors to consider. These factors include: price, reputation, essay type, and timeline. How much do you want to pay for a custom essay? And how long do you have before the essay is due?

Some essay writing services offer variable pricing based on deadlines and styles of essays required. For example: Rushessay.com or Superiorpapers.com. Both sites can have essays ready for a client in twelve hours, and prices are lower if the writing is not due for a few days. If a Masters paper is required (versus a Bachelors), this will cost more. Both companies offer plagiarism guarantees and have writers who are skilled in many different subject areas.

If you have enough time available, or a limited budget, you may also consider using writing services that offer assistance for your own writing. These are usually free, though they require more of your own work. Essay Start is a service targeted toward teens and gives advice on how to write many different types of essays. It breaks them down into steps and even gives samples. Citation rules are included as well as tips on how to write introductions and proof read papers.

Whichever route you choose is fine, as long as it meets your unique needs. If you have brilliant thoughts and just need help gathering them into proper sentences, then a paid writing service is probably your best choice. If you need fine-tuning on your own writing, then essay help is easily located as well.

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