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Essaylib.com Review

Essaylib.com Review
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What Essaylib.com has for their customers

Essaylib.com is a typical online writing website that offers different services to clients, mostly about articles and essays. They take client orders from around the world and promises to deliver timed and original contents based on the terms agreed upon negotiation. Their services often include writing research and opinion based research papers. In rare cases however, they also deliver other forms of writing as long as it is in line with the expertise of their writers.

Even if it says essaylib.com on their address, it does not mean that they are only capable of providing essay writing services. This online outsourcing firm can also deliver quality contents about different topics like sports, medicine, fitness or even math.

What to kind of output can you expect?

According to them, they have already 8 years of experience in custom writing operations. Based from this fact, it is very feasible to think that they already have a very large network of clients leading to the enormous growth of their business. Relatively, once their firm progresses (financially), they will have more budgets to spend in hiring the best and professional writers that they can get.

To second that fact, they also claim in their website that they have a solid team of writers who only write research and essay papers from scratch and with a touch of original and creative contents. Ironically, it is a good thing to consider that only 42% of their customers come back to place more orders. But what do you think happened to the remaining 48% who never came back? Now that judgment will be left for you to assess.

Their Delivery System

In comparing different writing firms in the internet, most clients prefer the ones who can deliver guaranteed and timed delivery. Of course, you won’t be able to utilize a paper anymore once it’s late and it will only turn out to be a waste of time if a writing firm like this did not make it to your farthest deadline.

This is a message for clients. In setting your deadline, it would be wise if you could set it way earlier from your Real deadline so that if something unexpected happens, you will still have time to adjust. But so far, Essaylib.com appears to be reasonable enough in making it to the deadlines.

Online Site and Support System

If you have already visited their site for the first time, you can see that their site was somewhat simplified and it lacks the animations and dynamic interactive applications. To compensate for that stereotypical element in their website, they plated the entire required feature in making transactions like the shopping cart and an online chat box where customer service representatives can entertain different client concerns.

What are the prices of their papers?

If you are looking for the lowest possible prices, Essaylib.com could be a very promising partner for you. They could provide you with custom and high school quality papers for as low as $10 per page only. However, other rates may apply if the paper will be for a Master’s ($20/page) or a Ph. D ($27/page) level of expertise.


As a summary about what Essaylib.com can offer to their clients, their services can be rightfully considered economical but with high quality. Also, one good thing about their service is the variation of the prices depending on the expected output quality.

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