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First Impression

The first impression that essaypedia tries to make when you visit it for the first time is that it is a reliable essay writing service where you can get professional assistance with your academic assignment. Within the first seconds spent on this site, you see many promises this company assures it can fulfill to satisfy the customers’ expectations. For instance, the service guarantees free revisions, a money-back guarantee, native English speakers with PhD degrees as writers, available round-the-clock support, and, of course, confidentiality. It seems like everything that a customer may worry about is covered by the promises given by this reputable company. However, is it true? Can you rely upon this writing service? To find the answer to this question, read this essaypedia review further and learn the truth in the next sections.


First and probably the most important thing that every customer wants to know is whether the service is able to satisfy their needs fast. Most customers appeal to such type of services when they for some reason cannot complete an assignment themselves on time. Essaypedia promises to deliver a well-written paper of 1000 words within 3 hours. That is really fast! You may get almost a 4-page paper in no time. Not many writing services can offer the same speed of writing.


The prices or it is better to say the pricing system is quite strange on Essaypedia. The cost of 1 page is the same as if you order 2 or even 3-page assignment. We tried to understand why more work is not charged additionally, but the agent didn’t help us. It seemed that he knew no more about this issue than we did. So, the cost of a 1,2,3-page essay with the lowest requirements and the longest deadline is 90 pounds. Yes, it is not a mistake or a typo. The 4-page assignment already costs 100 pounds, and each next page will cost on average 25 pounds additionally.

Types of Papers

Another feature which differentiates Essaypedia from many other writing services is the absence of types of papers in the order form. There is simply no such a box to fill. However, on the site, you can find information on what types of services this company provides. The company states that it can cope well with such types of assignments as essays, articles, courseworks, PowerPoint presentations, and reviews. Not a long list, but still something.

Special Features

Special features are indeed special on Essaypedia, and some of them are so unique we have not seen anything similar before. For instance, you may consult with your academic writer over the phone. This service will cost you additional 50 pounds for a 30-minute long conversation. The more you need, the more you pay. Other options are quite ordinary like an Extended alterations period, premium service, or a plagiarism report.

Customer Care

When we saw the cost of this service, we expected that customer care would be the best possible. To our deepest disappointment, it wasn’t. An agent couldn’t even explain to us why the cost one page is the same as the cost of two or three pages. It was not difficult for us to figure out that it was probably the company’s policy, not a mistake. Nevertheless, for an agent who is supposed to know everything about the service and answer all customers’ questions in no time, it was a kind of mystery he was not aware about. So, the quality of customer support has to become better, and an agent should at least know how the service works.

Quality of Service

With no doubts, the quality of service is good compared to the majority of other writing services. However, when we remembered the huge sum of money that we have paid, we reconsidered our opinion. If the price were average, like 10-15 dollars per a page, Essaypedia would probably be one of the best choices for many customers. However, taking into account that you will have to pay almost 8 times more and get the quality which you can receive for a significantly lower price, we think that it is not as good as it should be. The quality you get is not worth the money you pay here.

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Essaypedia review on TopEssayServices includes information about the price list, discounts, deadlines, and the quality of paper that you can get on this site. This writing service provides good quality of papers, but the price is very high. Learn what is good about this company and whether you should order on this site.
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  1. 200 pounds for 5 pages? I selected the undergraduate level, and it is still 200 pounds? Are you crazy? Who would pay such a huge sum of money for that kind of work?

  2. Janel Walton says:

    I read many positive reviews about this service. Yeap, some people said that it was quite expensive, but I couldn’t imagine that the price would be that high. I still made an order on this Essaypedia, but got quite an ordinary essay which any other writing company would deliver to me. Waste of money. No, thank u, I will not use this service ever again.

  3. Very poor writing…Spelling and punctuation is poor…Writer goes on about nonsensical ideas just to fill up the paper…Whoever is in support tries but they have crappy writers so there is nothing they can do but keep re-submitting the paper for corrections…They do that but it doesn’t helpI am going to have to take this paper and rewrite it in order for it to be acceptable…I am very busy with other projects and paid alot of money so that I could get this done but I am still going to have to work on it before submission

  4. seemed a little dated with references. Short incomplete conclusion and comparisons were weakI had specifically asked for the supplied materials to be used they were not fully utilized. DisappointingOverall I was not overly impressed with the level of the work or the supporting documentation that was incorporated into the work. I found the paper lacking in some areas

  5. not quite up to the university level

  6. My experience was not good.

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