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EssayShark.com offers a vast variety of article writing assistance, including book reviews, dissertations, coursework, research papers, thesis statements, essay writing, and creative writing. All these services are provided to clients by the company’s approximate active five-star expert writers. EssayShark.com also offers a few different formatting styles including MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabain. Their writers are skilled in each of the formatting styles. They follow a strict guideline to ensure proper formatting and customer satisfaction. There is also an option which allows providing a paper in a standard Microsoft Word document format.

EssayShark.com offers article writing services starting at a low price of $7.50 per page. The company provides a money back guarantee for any funds loaded onto a client’s order if it does not meet all expectations. If a writer is unable to deliver an appropriate paper in accordance with a required deadline or appropriately written in accordance to the formatting writing guide, a client is able to cancel their orders. The clients are also able to reclaim any funds not released to a writer if a writer returns a poor quality paper. The writing services provided by EssayShark.com has two available payment options.  Clients are able to load funds onto their EssatShark.com account and pay writers with the available balance or use one of the external financial payment sources available for a direct payment to EssayShark.com writers – PayPal and MoneyBookers.

EssayShark.com offers a free convenient interactive personal order page where clients are able to check the progress of all orders contracted to writers. Clients are also able to interact through a live chat with each writer who works on their assignments. This option is available within the client’s personal order page. The additional services provided by EssayShark.com are rewriting and editing. These services are sometimes required to improve and edit a paper’s content, correct formatting, or make grammatical corrections. Editing processes are available to modify up to 30 percent of the article content and rewriting is available to amend up to 70 percent of the original content.

EssayShark.com is one of the leading freelance paper writing agencies available online. It offers a user-friendly order form made to simplify the ordering process for clients. The company guarantees that each client’s information remains 100% confidential and allowing clients to view all writer’s rate and experience prior to requesting the writer’s services.

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