Narrative Essay Example

My Hero: My Self
Wayne Gretzky is a famous hockey player and coach. Oprah Winfrey is a talk show host and media mogul. Donald Trump is an entrepreneur. Bill Gates is a computer designer and CEO. These are all famous people that have been cited worldwide as role models. Papers have been written on them, as well as books and articles. TV executives dedicate lengthy time slots to them. Sure, not everyone selects one of these people as their hero. Others choose private figures, with more personal connections, such as teachers or relatives. I choose none of the above. Yes, I do believe in celebrating strength over adversity and challenging the world’s conceptions. I do believe in recognizing accomplishments and heroic acts. I just don’t believe in stepping outside myself in order to do so. Based on circumstances I have overcome and genuine strength of character I choose myself as my role model.
Life isn’t always easy. I say this without malice, just as a fact. When I found out at age 15 that I was bereft of the cervix, uterus or the chance of ever having a child I was saddened. I cried and spent time talking to family and friends about my situation. Life deals some people a worse poker hand than others. What I am proud of, though, is how I handled myself since receiving this news. I did not become depressed. I did not curse fate. I accepted my fate as it was and simply formulated future plans (surrogacy, adoption) around what was possible. Of this, I am proud.
Life handed me another bump when I turned 25. This came in the form of sweaty palms, rapid breathing, and full-on panic attacks. Soon I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. My pride forced me to resist medication and told me to hide my failings, and so I suffered for many weeks. Then I realized that a mental illness holds no shame. I took the medication I needed, just as a diabetic would take insulin. I confronted my disorder head-on, was public about my diagnosis and refused to feel ashamed of whom/what I was.
In day-to-day life, I try to be kind and helpful. I am honest and strive to improve my bad habits. I set goals for myself, and take steps to achieve them. Though I do not boldly proclaim my accomplishments, as humility is a virtue, I do not shrink from accolades either. I am confident and proud of whom I am, without egotism.
In conclusion, people can look outside of themselves to find role models, or they can examine their own character. They can “be the change they wish to see in the world,” as Gandhi would say and set an example for others. They can recognize their own strengths and be humbly proud of who they are, what challenges they’ve overcome and what unique characteristics they have to offer the world.
Thesis statement:
This narrative essay uses personal experiences to delve into the topic of heroes. The idea of everyday heroism, in tackling life’s problems, is explored, with the main thesis expounding that people do not need to look outside themselves in order to find a role model. (“. Based on circumstances I have overcome and genuine strength of character, I choose myself as my role model.”) The author uses experiences from his/her own life in order to express how everyday people can be strong. Most importantly, the author expresses that each person has traits or accomplishments that can be applauded.
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