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Here are the topics you can find at  oppapers.com:

  • Acceptance and admission essays
  • English composition essay
  • Recreation and sports term papers
  • Entertainment essays
  • Political science essays
  • Health research papers
  • Biography essays
  • Arts and humanities
  • Religion and spirituality
  • Social science
  • Education research
  • Computer and internet
  • News and media

The site is useful to any student who needs an essay on these topics.

How to get a free essay?

A vast variety of essays is accessible only if one has an account. You can read an introduction part of the essays if you are not logged in. One has to create an account to read the complete essays. There are two types of account however; one with a subscription fee and the other is free. The free subscription requires more personal information than the one with fee subscription. The date of birth and ones gender is the first information to be filled. This is followed by the submission of a personal essay as a contribution. Choosing the level and type of essay comes first. This is followed by uploading the work or copying and pasting it on the site. One is then able to join after accepting the terms and conditions. The fee subscription only requires a username and the method of payment.

Custom writing

Oppapers.com also offers custom writing services. To place an order you have to choose the writing service option. One is required to provide an extensive description of the custom writing he wants. Additional information, number of pages and the number of sources should be described in this section. The price depends on the time limit. A shorter deadline costs more. For example, a five day order costs 19.95 dollars per page while an hour job costs 79.95 per page. After writing the description one should log in or register. The order is delivered by email or directly to oppapers.com account.

Special features

Oppapers.com offers advice on various issues on the site. For example: how to write bibliography, how to dress for success, how to avoid hangover among others.

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  1. I was charged 29.99 through oppapers.com through PayPal . I did not want your service. My email is lps****8@gmail.com. Can you please take this charge off. Thank you. Larry Sheldon

    1. Dear, Lawrence
      You need to contact directly to Oppapers.com company. We are an independent source and we do not represent any of the companies mentioned in our reviews

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