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Students who order an essay for the first time usually face the problem of not knowing what to expect from a writing service. In order to show the quality of the provided writing services, we’ve ordered from each of them and published the final products online for your judgment. It is better to see it one time rather than just hearing about it a hundred times.
We’ve chosen a quite popular essay topic: “The Person who has Influenced Me the Most” and ordered a 150-200 word essay from each of the writing services. We also put different descriptions in the additional requirements field we filled out. This is so that our readers are not bored while reading the essays. Below are the listed essay services we used, exact instructions on what we wanted to get, and the essays that we finally received. We are free to publish these materials as we’ve bought them as intellectual property.

Essay topic: The person who has influenced you the most

Additional requirement: Please write about a babysitter who brought you up during your childhood and still remains influential in your adult life.

Essay example by RushEssays.com:

I got to know Alisha when I was seven. She babysat me during the time my mother, a single parent, went off to work. She was unpretentious and caring. She was attentive when I spoke to her and treated my seven-year-old mind with the respect that is not always given to kids my age. She never faked her attentiveness and made delicious, healthy meals for me. I do not think any other seven-year-old kid devoured greens like I did.
She was incredible and influenced me greatly. I would like to emulate her enthusiasm for life, agreeable disposition, confidence, and unconventional attitudes towards children. She was so reliable that my mother could concentrate on her job while leaving me alone with a babysitter for long hours.
Today, when I look at my children, I always think of what Alisha would have done. I think of her face, her expression, and of how she never let a seven-year-old child feel alone. And I always do what she would have done. I am also happy to say that my children have a liking for spinach as well!

Essay topic: The person who has influenced you the most

Additional requirement: Please write about a professor/mentor who has guided you through your university years and helped you to gain professional skills

Essay example provided by SuperiorPapers.com:

I have known Mr. Fred Sievers for six years now. I met him during my last year of high school. He is still a dear friend and a reliable partner in my business. After being under his tutelage for a couple of years, his confidence in me inspired me to be a businessman. He was approachable and his line of work required a high level of innovative and creative research. I took great interest in what he did because of that. I admire him more than any other mentor because he was open to meeting me at odd times despite his tight schedule. The mentors I have had before were not so considerate.
I also appreciated his honest nature. In fact, he has always corrected my mistakes despite our good friendship. His tremendous success over the years speaks for itself and I was lucky to have been taken under his wing to learn more about the field of finance. I am grateful and humbled to have learned from him about the art of trading shares and stocks. With his guidance, I also learned the art of data interpretation and how to use mathematical tools as indicators for accurately predicting market direction. I would like to have his incisive and quick understanding of trading markets and I hope one day I will have the same business experience he has.

Essay topic: The person who has influenced you the most

Additional requirement: Please write about how you were influenced by your girlfriend

Essay example by EssaysCapital.com:

An influential person is one who precipitates another individual’s change of behavior for better or worse. The person who has influenced me the most is my girlfriend Erin. I got to know Erin through her brother, Joe, who was one of my college friends.
Over the years, I have come to admire and imitate Erin’s strength of character. Erin has influenced me in so many different ways. She is very reliable and always attentive to what anyone tells her. Erin is also very confident in everything she talks about.
One of Erin’s traits that I would like to develop in myself is her caring and approachable character. Despite Erin being disabled, she is very dedicated to her work as an electronic engineer. Erin’s innovative ideas have greatly impressed her customers. One of Erin’s traits that have also influenced me is her unwavering dedication to her work. She is also unpretentious, doesn’t gossip, and is incredibly caring about her family.

Essay topic: The person who has influenced you the most

Additional requirement: Please write about a class adviser who was a wonderful woman and helped you believe in yourself

Essay example provided by BestEssays.com:

Sylvia Griffith was my class adviser during my senior year in high school. Leaving high school was difficult for me but with Ms. Griffith’s help, I began to dream and realize my potential. She has always had nice things to say about me and my classmates. All of her students agree that she was a very caring and approachable teacher, especially for female students.
Because she has never been married, we were like her children. She was attentive when I talked about my personal problems and, despite our age gap, I always felt relaxed around her.
Her confidence in me made me believe in myself even when I found this difficult to do. Through her praise of my innovative ideas, even without consistently high grades, she always reminded me that I could be successful in the future. With her confidence, I found the strength to have confidence in myself.
I will always remember Ms. Griffith as amazing, reliable, and very accommodating. Someday, I would like to be able to share her love and kindness with others.

Essay topic: The person who has influenced you the most

Additional requirement: Please write about your mother as your role model

Essay example provided by EssayOnTime.com:

If there is one person who is my role model it is undoubtedly my mother. She has given me so many skills to enable me to be as great a parent as she is one day. This ensures that I will give my future children the same love and care she gave me as a child. In my childhood, I never lacked any basic needs since my mother worked very hard so we could always have food on the table. My mother was a very dependable person so I could rely on her for anything.
She is also a very approachable and attentive woman. Whenever I had problems and worries in my life, she always had time to listen to them. She instilled confidence in me to make me believe I could do anything, even things I thought were impossible. My mother is so innovative that this alone has often kept her going throughout the years. She is also a person you can easily agree with because of her wisdom. In conclusion, I hope to one day I will embody all of her admirable traits as she will always be my role model.

Essay topic: The person who has influenced you the most

Additional requirement: Please assume that you were influenced by some well-known man in history

Essay example provided by College-Paper.org:

No one has influenced me more than Nelson Mandela, the iconic former South African president. My knowledge of Mandela is limited to my study of historical literature. While this is not completely reliable, it has provided me with a glimpse into the life of one of the world’s most caring leaders.
In contrast to the Big-Man syndrome which characterizes many African leaders upon assuming power, Nelson Mandela was perhaps the only African leader who common citizens could easily approach. In addition to his innovative leadership skills that helped boost the South African economy, Mandela was among a few black South Africans who wished for peaceful coexistence with the white minority. His confident stand against racial discrimination endeared him to many South Africans, especially with white South Africans who found him to be an amiable leader.
During a time when despotic leaders in Africa are besieged by civil uprisings, it certainly would be more useful for them to be more attentive to the needs of their subjects. If they won’t do this, they risk their impending wrath. It is unbelievable to me that so many dictators continue to show inconsistent democratic tendencies while the rest of the world is moving forward with democratic policies.

Essay topic: The person who has influenced you the most

Additional requirement: Explain how you were influenced by your father and how you want to be like him

Essay example provided by PrimeWritings.com:

My father is one of the only people who has influenced my life significantly. Ever since I’ve been a child, I have always admired his courage and steadfast dedication to his duties and responsibilities. There was never an instance when my dad lost hope or faith in himself or his family. Even when the odds were stacked against him, he always wore a smile on his face and faced problems like a man instead of being in denial. These are just a few qualities I could think of. If I were to embody even a tenth of his persona, I would be a much better person and professional.
I wish I had the same dedication towards work as he does. In fact, if I developed the same outlook on life as my father, it would take me no time to reach the zenith of my career. In conclusion, I would like to have the same kind of courage to keep me steady throughout my life.

Essay topic: The person who has influenced you the most

Additional requirement: Please write that your mom is your hero and how you were influenced by her

Essay example provided by Essay-Master.com:

Some would say that heroes are dead. Others think that in order to be a hero, you have to save a country or someone’s life. They say that you have to be forceful, fearless, and full of strength to be a hero. But for me, a true hero doesn’t have to be anyone who is famous or even dead. A true hero is someone who can change somebody’s life for the better.
And for me, my mom perfectly fits that description. She did her best to take care of herself while she was pregnant with me. Additionally, she worked hard to provide me with not just my basic needs, but everything else that I wanted within reason.
Even though at some points I disliked her for nagging and being loud, I realized that without her, I wouldn’t be alive. In spite of my occasional rebellion against her, she has always been there for me no matter what. My mom may not have the power to change a country or to take care of every poor family in the world. However, she has the untiring and unconditional love to do everything for her children.
Because of her tenacity and love, I’m proud of my hero, my mother.

Essay topic: The person who has influenced you the most

Additional requirement: Write in your essay about how you were influenced by your boyfriend

Essay example provided by PapersConsulting.com:

The person who has greatly influenced me is my boyfriend. We met unexpectedly but, nonetheless, his influence on me has been monumental. He has exhibited many traits that I desire to develop in myself. Years ago, we met and I came to know him as an attentive and caring person. He was always reliable at any time I needed help and thus made a greater impact on my life than I thought possible.
Unlike others, he was not inconsistent with his desire to help. He was attentive to my needs, and I grew confident that he would continue to watch over me.
One of the things that I admire most about him is that even though many people know him for his brilliant ideas, he is very modest. I wish to perpetuate his affable nature and how he watches over people.
I have come to realize that my boyfriend is and will always be one of the ‘constants’ in my life due to his personality and my desire to be more like him.

Essay topic: The person who has influenced you the most

Additional requirement: Please write about a professor/mentor who you admire

Essay example provided by ParamountEssays.com:

A person who greatly influenced me was a professor I met in graduate school. He is widely known as an innovative and brilliant scientist. However, what I found most surprising about this professor was that he was caring to even the least-experienced students. When speaking to him about my research, I found him completely modest. This is quite rare and uncharacteristic with most people in his position and stature. He is an epitome of the kind of academic that I would like to become. I know that one of my weaknesses is fear of public speaking. However, his confidence during lectures inspired me and I soon realized how imperative it was to hone this skill. I too would like to be an effective educator by giving the same attentiveness I was given to my future students.