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Finding an online academic assistance company is not a problem; there are hundreds available. However, finding one that only specializes in writing custom term papers is a challenge. Termpaperscorner.com is one such company, which specializes in term papers. I came to learn of this when I desperately needed assistance with my Physics term paper, which was due in a week. I searched for custom writing services online and for sure, my search yielded several results. As I went through the list of online writing companies, I realized that most had no real area of specialty. It has always been my belief that one has to have an area of expertise, in order to offer the best quality of service. It was only Termpaperscorner, which had term paper writing and editing, as their area of expertise. The rest were experts in everything – essays, dissertations, thesis, and other types of writing.

The Website
Therefore, I decided to try Termpaperscorner and see what they had to offer. A look at their website really impressed me. It is simple and user-friendly. All information is neatly presented on the landing page. They did not bother including useless information as most websites do, in order to increase the number of pages. This looked like the kind of company that I wanted to do my job; they were brief and straight to the point.

One thing that I really disliked was the fact that pricing information was lacking on the website; neither on the landing page, nor was there a prices menu. This left me wondering because I had no other way of knowing beforehand the approximate cost of having my paper written. However, all was not lost, since there is an option for requesting a free quote, which I used promptly. I also discovered that once you place your order, the amount of money that you will charged is displayed on the order from. In my case, I placed an order for my term paper, and set the deadline for 5 days, because I knew that would give me 2 days to go through it. My order cost $12.99 per page, and got a special discount of 10%, which according to their flexible discounting system was for papers with between 16-30 pages.

Customer Service and Support
The impressive thing about Termpaperscorner.com is that they have an elaborate customer support system that facilitates the communication between the company and customers. They a Live Chat Facility, a fax and telephone line, which customers can use to contact them. In addition, they have a FAQ section, which guides customers on most of the common issues that they may be faced with, and how they can deal with them.

Quality and Delivery
True to their word, I received my term paper in 5 days as promised, and was really impressed thus far. However, on having a closer look, I was not very impressed with the style of writing, especially some sections, where the concepts were rehashed. With only one day remaining to the deadline, I decided it was wise for me to do the editing on my own, and submit. I got a pass, which was not very pleasant, considering the amount of money that I had spent.

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Termpaperscorner review on TopEssayServices includes information about the price list, discounts, deadlines, and the quality of paper that you can get on this site. Termpaperscorner.com is a company, which mostly specializes in term papers, but can also do other types of academic works.
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  1. Carlos Campbell says:

    Good papers for good money! Well done!

  2. Imogen Dutton says:

    I asked to revise my paper three times!! And every time it seemed like they sent me even worse essay.

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