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A Guide for Writing Essay Starters

When students get assigned essays, they dread it because they see this as a focused task. But, an essay task does not mean that you cannot express yourself, even though you need to follow the requirements. In fact, for an essay to be good, it has to contain an essay hook. The beginning of the essay can determine its entire flow and is detrimental to the interest of the reader.

A good hook for an essay is an important tool for your writing. Even though we are talking about a sentence or two at the start of the paper, essay starters are much more than simple sentences that begin your story. The introduction sentence starters will decide whether your reader will be interested in reading the essay, or not.

Still, essay starters can be very difficult to generate. Most students believe that starting a paper is the hardest process of writing it, and for a reason. Your very first step requires thoughtful consideration and some planning, and the importance can cause insecurities on its own.

The good news is, you can learn to create sentence starters for essays. In fact, learning this trick is similar to learning any other writing trick, such as researching, proofreading, or outlining. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Determine the Type of Essay

What type of essay are you required to write? There are dozens of essay types, and they all require a specific approach. Even if the structure is the same for all (introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion), essays may differ in the type of language used, intention, and even planning.

So evidently, your essay paragraph starters will depend on the type of essay you need to write.

  1. Plan the Style and Tone

As we mentioned, the type of essay should tell you what type of style and what tone to use in the writing. Based on this, you can select an appropriate essay hook that will fit this style and tone.

For example, an essay that should be written in a very formal style would not look formal if you decide to write a hook sentence that includes a joke, or an inappropriate quote from someone. Basically, the style of your essay will help you eliminate the college essay starters that would make you seem inexperienced in the eyes of the reader.

  1. Consider the Audience

Your audience is equally important as the style and tone used. In fact, the style and tone, as well as the essay starters for college essays you use will depend on the audience.

  1. Choose the Essay Starter

Once you have established all this, it is time to choose one of the good essay starters for your essay.

Types of hooks for essays you can use:

Start Directly with the Thesis

When jokes and quotes are not appropriate, one of the best approaches is the direct approach. Some good sentence starters for essays that begin with a direct introduction of the thesis are ‘’It is time to speak about…’’, or ‘’One of the most common questions…’’

Start with a Question

Asking a question at the beginning of an essay is a very popular and effective hook. If you begin your essay with a question, make sure to answer it or invite the reader to do this.

State Interesting Facts

When your audience is not very familiar with the facts about the subject you are discussing, they are very likely to be intrigued by an interesting fact about the topic.

Present the Idea as a Revelation or Discovery

Another way to attract attention for your essay is to present the thesis as a revelation. An idea for such starter words for essays is ‘’I finally learned/ figured out the truth…’’.

Describe the Place

Depending on the type of essay, you can choose to describe the place as the primary setting of an essay. This hook is most often used in descriptive essays.

pen with a Joke

A joke is an interesting way to introduce a topic, as long as it is appropriate and relevant. People enjoy humor and are much more likely to get interested in a story that begins with something fun.

Begin with a Literary Hook

Try to use such hooks when you are introducing a literary phenomenon, or writing about an author or a book. A good literary quote can make an essay sound exactly that – literary.

Open with a Quote from a Famous Person

If you can find a quote from an authoritative figure in the specific field, this can help you support the argument and start your essay with an interesting hook.

Depending on your audience, requirements and type of essay you need to write, essay starters can vary a lot. The perfect essay starter depends greatly on these factors, so if you want to make sure you attract the reader from the very beginning, consider them when selecting one of the examples we mentioned above.