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I never realized I could actually need the services of a writing company, until I got late in writing my Research Paper. For a long time, I had been conditioned to think that having someone do your academic paper is tantamount to cheating or stealing. I am still of that view, but sometimes, you just got to do what you got to do. So, here I was with less than 2 weeks remaining to the deadline and I still had not started on my research. With the way things were at the time, I was quite sure I will not find the time to work on it. Just then, I remembered over-hearing some of my students bragging about having hired an online writing company to do their term papers, which on checking were quite good. Seeing that I had no choice, I did the despicable thing and called in that particular student. He had no idea why I was asking for the company that did his term paper, and seeing that I had cornered him, he confessed that he had ordered his assignment from Writingservicescompany.com. test

Value Proposition
The first that caught my eye when I visited Writingservicescompany.com was the quality of services that the company proposes on their website. To begin with, the company has been in operation for over a decade now. Furthermore, it prides itself for hiring qualified writers, who have attained multiple graduate and Master’s Degrees, to ensure that only well-researched and top quality content is delivered to customers. These attributes were like some sweet music to my ears.

Pricing Schedule
The fact that Writingservicescompany only hires accomplished writers was exciting because it gave me the confidence that my research paper was a as good as done. However, I had some doubts as to how much such writers get paid. Therefore, I quickly jumped to the pricing page to have a look. I was quite amused by the reasonable rates that the company charges for its papers. With a starting rate that goes as low as $9.95 per page, I was confident that whatever rate I would be charged would be fair for the kind of quality I was looking forward to. I went ahead and placed my order, and for sure, I was charged the special rate for that month, which was $13.95 per page, for orders required within 5 days.

Order Processing
Writingservicescompany has a very convenient order processing system that allowed me to specify all my requirements, starting with the paper topic, the number of sources required, number of pages, and paper format.

Quality of Work
The work was submitted on time, and was quite impressed with the quality as well. The research was done and documented very well; it is as if the writer had read my mind. I have to admit, I really got value for my money.

Customer Support
Having said all the good stuff about Writingservicescompany, I must also mention the one thing that they really should improve on; customer support. Their support is not interactive at all, since they use a contact form on their website. The support staff also did not seem to grasp the issues at hand. I hope they will work on this minor hitch in future.

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