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BestEssays.com Review

BestEssays.com Review
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BestEssays.com is one of the most professional, academic writing companies on the Internet, boasting student-friendly prices, great customer service, and a staff of professional writers. The company has been in business since 1997 and their writers come from diverse academic backgrounds. Writing quality is consistent and reliable because every paper is thoroughly researched. BestEssays company does offer a guarantee just so you know they are dependable.


They’re definitely not a paper mill. You’ve heard of those places that are staffed by mostly underpaid grad students with already too much to do in academia. Best Essays writers are academics in the true sense of the word. Every writer has either a master’s or PhD degree in their relevant field of study. You can count on getting a writer that already has a good grasp on your subject as well as some insight to make you look great.
Many companies offer writing services with prepared papers. But at Bestessays.com, all essays and other papers are customized and written according to the specific needs of each student. The writing is completely original and excellent. Another crucial aspect is that the company always meets your deadline, no matter when it is, and gives an on-time delivery guarantee.


Yes, you will always get a little nervous when you trust someone else with your academic projects. While you can’t literally look over their shoulder, you can do so virtually. BestEssays.com does let you interact directly with your writer, and you’ll also have access to around-the-clock live customer support system if you have any problems or questions. So—when you’re burning the midnight oil and have a great idea that you want to include, you can make that call right away before you forget what it was!

Besides the basics, there are also special add-on support services provided, for a little extra charge that greatly help the student.

  • VIP support: This offers a range of additional services including the best support by professional agents. There is a customized communication system of email, SMS and messaging and an instantaneous response structure with no waiting or hold delays.
  • Top 10 Writers: If this special service is taken, then the assignment is written by one of the 10 best writers in that particular subject and the writer will interact with the concerned student on the progress, details and completion of the project. The company guarantees total satisfaction with the quality of the product.
  • One-page summary of paper: This service delivers the key points of the academic paper in a few paragraphs, to enable the student to make an initial presentation to the tutor or the class.

Delivery: On time, every time

BestEssays prides itself on timely delivery of every academic paper, according to the deadlines stipulated by the student. In the academic environment, schedules are stringent and there is no compromise on the submission of papers—a day late may cost you dearly in your final grade. Although more time is always better, “rush jobs” are their specialty—and papers can be delivered in as little as three hours (for a surcharge, of course).

Site Usage

It couldn’t be easier to get started. BestEssays.com’s site is organized in such a way that students can navigate to what they are looking for easily and quickly. The site is user-friendly as all the diverse kinds of academic papers are on different pages, so that there is no confusion. You place your order online, specify the type of paper, level of quality, formatting requirements and other details; write out a brief description of the project; and you’re good to go.


There are three types of writing standards available: Standard, Premium and Platinum quality, which provide diverse value-additions according to the standard chosen. The prices also vary for these three, depending upon the number of pages and the delivery deadline. For instance, if you want a 1-page paper and the deadline is within one week, it would cost $22.99 for the Standard Quality, $24.99 for the Premium and $27.99 for the Platinum. The three standards also differ in the qualifications and acumen of the writers. The prices increase with more pages and faster delivery times. Use the “begin15″ discount code to get a 15% discount off of your first order.


BestEssays.com is very easy to deal with, and they offer a good selection of value-added services. The one-page summary (from $21.99 extra) is especially useful if you need to give a presentation on your subject. The company is always dependable and you can count on consistent high quality.

4 thoughts on “BestEssays.com Review

  1. Best Essays deliver decent papers. My brother asked for their services during college and he didn’t have any problems.

  2. Best Essays really are the best out there. They always deliver the essays on time and their quality is spot-on. Great research skills, the structure of my essays is a very logical one, and no typos. Also, I’ve never come across copied paragraphs. Thank you for your work!

  3. My final essay got an A and I managed to amaze my college teachers. They were very pleased with my improvements and they expect me to continue my studies at their University.

  4. Even though the teacher was not very enthusiastic about my essay, he was pleased with my progress. Hopefully, next time I will get an A. Adele, their lead writer, has great research skills. The downside of this service is their very high price.

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