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First Impression

Kibin is not a kind of service which provides essay writing help. This company is mostly oriented on essay samples and editing. So, a user can find over 500,000 essay examples on Kibin as it is stated on the site or request editing service. We have spent plenty of time on this site to understand whether kibin essay editing service is of high quality and whether their samples are worth the money the company asks for them. Read this kibin review to discover whether you can rely on this service.


The minimum deadline for editing service is 3 hours, while the biggest is 3 days. The company doesn’t mention how many words or pages it can check within a certain period of time. We wanted to clarify this issue with a customer support agent, but there is no live chat. So, we can only suggest that there are no specific limitations on the number of pages that one can attach.


The price of editing service starts at $9.99 per a 1-page essay. If you are interested in essay samples, then you need to pay for a subscription to get access to these assignments. The cost of one month is $14.95. You can buy an annual subscription for $59.95 which means that one month will only cost you $4.99. Sounds like a great deal, but before making such a decision, check what we have found out about the quality of these samples.

Types of Papers

You may find samples of the following types of papers on Kibin.

  • Admission Essay
  • Interviews
  • Lab Report
  • Letter
  • Creative Writing
  • Analytical Essay
  • Book and Movie Reviews
  • Case Study
  • TOEFL Question
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Compare and Contrast Essay
  • Hero Essay
  • Informative Essay
  • Research Essay
  • Expository Essay
  • Literature Review
  • Outline
  • Personal Narrative Essay
  • Personal Statement
  • Scholarship Essay
  • Summary Essay
  • Argumentative and Persuasive Essays
  • Book / Article Summary
  • Descriptive Essay
  • Problem Solution Essay
  • Question / Response
  • Reflective Essay

Special Features

On Kibin, you can find two tools which are usually not available on other academic writing sites. The first is PaperGrader. You need to attach your assignment, specify the academic style and the paper type. The graded paper will be sent to you within 48 hours to the email address that you have provided.

The second tool is a thesis builder. Unlike the previous feature, you will not wait for 48 hours to get the result. Your thesis statement will be generated once you provide the required information and pass all the steps.

Customer Care

On Kibin, you will not find online customer support. We were a bit disappointed since we expected to clarify some issues immediately without waiting a day or two. So, talking about customer care, Kibin is no leader among its competitors.

Quality of Service

We bought a subscription to check the quality of samples Kibin offers to its customers for money. To our biggest disappointment. The samples we have reviewed were of poor quality. Each sample had an excellent written introductory part which is visible before the purchase and a bad body and conclusion which you only see after you buy a subscription. So, we do not recommend essays that you can find on Kibin as a trustworthy source of good papers examples.

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Kibin review on TopEssayServices includes information about the price list, discounts, deadlines, and the quality of paper that you can get on this site. Read this Kibin review on TopEssayServices to find out why you should not pay for essay samples on this editing site. Learn why Kibin is not the best provider of quality academic papers.
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  1. Their samples are not written by English native speakers. Don’t waste your money on this scam service!!

  2. Why should I pay for papers examples? There are plenty of sites which provide them for free.

  3. Lizbeth Phillips says:

    essay has spelling errors

  4. Stuart Banks says:

    The paper has a bunch of repeating words

  5. Service is horrible , the writer do not produce your paper on time.

  6. Too many people support nor writers on any order for any customers is a bad thing because it not as being effective as it should. For example, this happen to me like a few times already which “I have to repeat myself”. That is a low performance of the company. The company needs to find a solution to this problem. The problem is the customers have to repeat themselves like A LOT of times to get the comments about their order “clearly” to the support team which it actually makes the customers mad and unhappy. Plus by dragging the time out more because I thinking of employes of the company has miscommunications or has a misunderstand on what they have to do … nor employee actions, which is the causes making the paper actually LATE to turn to the customer’s perspective deadline nor place. This will be a result of a failing grade or make the customer look bad in the front a lot of people. Which the people will rely on or depend on or has a high perspective of the customers. The company need improve on the performance level make customers has better experiences with the company. By having the company or employee meetings to finding a way stop for the customers have to repeat themselves like A LOT of times and it’s mostly like is the best way to finding a solution to this problem

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